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Nissan Titan For Sale in California

Choose a used Nissan Titan car to view listings of used Nissan Titans for sale in California near you at UsedCarsPlus.com. Search through California Nissan classifieds for the perfect used Nissan Titan in California. Choosing the right model can be tough, so we let you view and compare each classified ad for all Nissan Titans for sale. Click on a link below to view the full classified ad for each used California Nissan Titan for sale, with full car pictures, descriptions,options & features, and more.

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Car Image Nissan Titan
  in Dana Point, California
2006   93,366 $11,111
Car Image Nissan Titan
  in Fontana, California
2004   90,622 $12,995
Car Image Nissan Titan
  in Fontana, California
2004   95,416 $13,995
Car Image Nissan Titan
  in Fontana, California
2005   77,225 $15,995
Car Image Nissan Titan SE
  in Fontana, California
2008   97,564 $15,995
Car Image Nissan Titan S
  in Oceanside, California
2012   34,876 $23,988
Car Image Nissan Titan XE
  in Fontana, California
2010   21,663 $23,995
Car Image Nissan Titan SE
  in Fontana, California
2010   51,804 $23,995

Display Cars 1 - 8 of 8

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Here are some tips for buying used Nissan Titans online:

Choose a used Nissan Titan you can afford - You have to know much you can spend before you can determine what Nissan Titan you can afford. The worst case scenario here is you making bloated car payments for the next five or six years. A good rule of thumb is 20% of your net income can be used for your used Nissan Titan car payment.

Choose a used Nissan Titan that you NEED - Now you'll want to do is assess your needs to determine what kind of car you really need. For example, if your car will be used mostly for daily commuting and errands, then a standard or basic used Nissan Titan may suit your needs. Will you be hauling a lot of stuff? You may need to find a Nissan Titan with more cargo space or towing capacity. There's a lot to choose from, and a lot of factors to consider when choosing a used Nissan Titan.

Choose a used Nissan Titan that you WANT - Now that you have your list, you have most likely narrowed it down to a particular used Nissan Titan or two. But did you consider other factors, like performance, handling, safety and comfort? Do you want your used Nissan Titan to have quick acceleration and power? Do you need a small used car to fit into tight parking spaces? Do you need a car that can take you off-roading? You may want certain features, like four-wheel drive, a turbo engine or all-wheel drive with the used Nissan Titan car that you buy. You may also want more horsepower, better gas mileage, more comfort and luxury or a greater towing capacity. All of these specifics are things that you need to consider before shopping for a used Nissan Titan for sale.
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